The Farmhouse Center
VocEd Training & Grants
The Farmhouse Center offers a variety of hands-on job training and vocational education courses. Grants and scholarships are available to eligible applicants. Each course is 30 or 60 hours and the class times are flexible with permission of the instructor. Our instructors are talented, motivated, and very qualified.
The Equine Industry
(A supplement to Adult Horsemanship and The Equine Industry for WHIP Ė miniature horses, driving, advanced occupational opportunities, and training)
Linda Ward of Raven Ledge Farms is one of Vermontís premier horse trainers. Ms. Ward brings to the arena a natural touch in working with your horse. Joan Rogers Powell has fifteen years of experience in training, breeding, rescuing, providing riding lesson, and offering therapeutic counseling to both adults and children. In addition, The Farmhouse Stables are one of the premier Horse Driving Schools in Vermont! Learn how to train horses, drive wagons and carts, and put your skill as a natural horseman on New Englandís map. Invited guest lecturers include various veterinarians and farmers.
  • In conjunction with various veterinarians you will also be introduced to a career in equine veterinarian technology. We will visit the Vermont Technical College and review their program
  • Students can choose two days (three hours a day) of the week to come and learn the art of natural horsemanship.
  • For those of us that truly love working with horses, there are over 50 occupations related to the equine industry that exist in Vermont and nationwide.
  • Examples are Marketing administrator for The Green Mountain Horse Association, master planning for equine facilities, selling equine clothing for Ariat, a facility coordinator for the 2010 Lexington Equine Affair, or therapeutic riding.
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Adult Riding and Horsemanship Training
  • Learn new skills to explore careers offering horse therapy and respite treatment for children and adults may suffer from behavioral, emotional, and developmental challenges.
  • Learn the skills to become a mentor while at the Farmhouse Center utilizing the Teaching Life Skills for Change (TLC) therapeutic horse behavior modification principles.
  • Open career opportunities with other stables, the Howard Human Services, the Baird Center, NFI, the Casey Foundation, the Lund Center, local school districts, and, most importantly, private families.
The goal of the Farmhouse Schoolís Adult Horsemanship Program is to train individuals how to utilize the horses at the Farmhouse Stables and become more involved in Teaching Life Skills for Change (TLC) utilizing horses. Individuals should be interested in pursuing an equestrian career for employment opportunities.
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Painting Applications
  • A job-training course learning the practical skills of painting. Guest student advisors include owners of local painting companies.
  • Learn skills that enable you to offer your services or to find local employment in the painting profession.
  • Learn the necessary preparation for painting, from removing gloss, treating stains and mildew, removing wallpaper, painting over wallpaper, and priming and painting walls. This is a hands-on course. The on-the-job applications is your classroom. There are no writing, reading, or math requirements. We will provide you with the basic skills. Full accommodations are given for any special need. Dress in work clothes and boots (or sneakers) appropriate for the weather..
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Furniture Building
Vermont Kitchen Tables, Country Corner Tables and Kai Tai Tables!!
  • In conjunction with the Vermont Woodworking School, located in Colchester, VT, you will attend a three (3) hour course weekly to learn how to build a Vermont Kitchen Table, Country Corner Tables, Kai Tai Tables and skate-along boards. Going to school to learn a trade is great, however, we believe that if it is not marketable Ė why go through the endurance of being a great artist and not being able to sell your wares.
  • So our courses combine the technical expertise of this great school, Vermont Woodworking School, and The Farmhouse Center to team up with a vendor, like Burton Snow Boards and market these cool furniture pieces, made in Vermont with Vermont local resources.
  • The second part of the course is to teach you how to be an entrepreneur. How to meet with the executive staff of Burton Snow Boards, how to work with the design consultant and technical building consultants and how to reach for the stars.
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Forest Management & Logging Industry
  • The instructor for the course is Walter Judd, Owner, Judd Forestry and Logging Services. Consultants also include Mr. Stu Boutin, Master Saw Plainer; and Mr. Mike Ovitt of Woodsman Landscaping.
  • Vermontís forests are a rich natural resource. The forest provides beauty and tranquility, varied recreational benefits, and wood for commercial use. This course embraces all of the above, accentuating on the commercial aspect of the beautiful timberland in our state.
Forest and conservation workers help develop, maintain, and protect the forests by growing and planting new seedlings. Timberland cutters and logging workers need to have environmental ethics that respect the raw materials that are in demand for countless consumer and industrial products.
  • The types of skills that you will have the opportunity to develop are with skidders (mechanical machinery and horse drawn pullers) in the labor categories of: forest and conservation workers, forest nurseries, tree farming, decorative greenery, forest and land assessments, logging workers, fallers, logging equipment operators, log graders and scalers.
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Digital Photography and Video Production
Course outline:
  • One will learn the basics of digital photography. First and foremost, shopping for the right camera. Learning different types, models, costs, fitting your needs and how memory cards are important. In essence, this will cover all system requirements that are needed in the production of your work.
  • Secondly will be the many features of the digital camera and the unlimited usage of the "image". Graphic design will entail utilizing the computer and your cameraís product. This design training will enable you to explore many different career opportunities, whether they be free-lance opportunities or with private companies, as well as additional educational/professional training. The same principles and applications apply to the video production component.
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Creative Culinary Kitchens
Launching Your Food Venture
The Four Pís: Product, Package, Process and Pricing
Specialty Foods
Come meet Brian Norder at the Vermont Food Venture Network and Joan Rogers Powell, previous owner of Chiantiís Restaurant & Specialty Store located in Harpers Ferry, WV.
  • Basic food principles, fresh and flavorful products, affordable and outrageous dishes, easy and healthy snacks, and demands from the fans!
  • From the Farmhouse Schoolís Kitchen, learn the food business -start-up, creative recipes, marketable niches, and the exploding environmental and organic food market. Enjoy field trips to City Market, the Vermont Food Venture Network, and our spectacular final feast.
  • How to work with food business start-ups to get products to market and what the four (4) Pís stand for in the food industry.
  • Explore career and job opportunities, as well as trade schools and specialty food courses to expand your basic knowledge.
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Basic Carpentry, Repair and Maintenance -- Level I
Course outline:
  • A hands-on job-training course to learn the practical skills of carpentry, apartment Ė commercial - home repair and maintenance.
  • Learn skills that enable you to offer your services as Mr. Fix-It or to find local employment with home building and repair companies. Currently, opportunities exist with private and public rental unit owners, general contractors, small homebuilders, housing authorities, school districts, local cities and towns, medical facilities, commercial establishments, and building supply companies. Donít forget Ma and Pa, and of course, the neighbor next door! This course is meant to open new doors for both men and women.
A visual reference/how - to book with over 2000 photographs and easy how-to details will be provided as part of the course materials.
This is a hands-on course. The tools and projects are your classroom. There are no writing, reading, or math requirements. Full learning accommodations are given for any special need.
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Advanced Carpentry -- Level III
Course outline:
  • A hands-on job training course to learn the practical skills of stucutral and cosmetic renovation of historic exterior structures.
  • Learn skills that enable you to find local employment in the area of renovation, particularly structurally and in the needed field of energy efficiency. Currently, opportunities exist with historic barn and homeowners, private and public owners, general contractors, small homebuilders, commercial establishments, and building supply companies.
  • We help you with your efforts in finding the right employment opportunity for your abilities and interests. The market for a good paying and rewarding job is out there. This course is for 10 weeks or an equivalent of 30 hours. You and your instructor will set the day and time as to where and when you will be meeting.
  • The course will include the actual renovation of a historic barn in conjunction with the State Department of Historic Preservation. Students will learn jacking, cribbing, roof stabilization, excavation, and reconstruction/stabilization skills.
  • A field trip to the Yestermorrow School, Warren, VT will be included to expose students to the various types of specialty construction educational and vocational opportunities that exist in today's market. Particularly in energy efficiency.
  • The course schedule is designed to meet each individual's needs, requiring a minimum of a three (3) hour commitment per week, starting with an orientation at the end of August. Some students have elected to combine Level I and II and other who have taken Level I, will take Level II. The course is initially held at the Farmhouse School is Colchester, VT. We offer a relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere.
  • Call now 1-802-872-8712 or visit our website! For more information and an application, please contact The Farmhouse School at (802) 872-8712 or email Location of course: 775 Poor Farm Road, Colchester, Vermont 05446 (802) 872-8712.
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Internet Antique Brokering
The focus of this class will be in Antiques & Folk-Art, price guides, appraisals and resources on the internet (including Ebay and digital photography).
Joan Rogers Powell, the "m" aster of collecting whatever, will teach this course whenever and wherever, literally. Ocala, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky are two of the untapped capitals for antiques and folk art. This is the new hunting ground. WE have many barns and auctions to visit and explore. Each student will set up an Ebay account and learn the use of a digital camera.
In this course you will -
  • Learn new skills to explore careers offering how to be able to outline price guides in depression glass, art glass, bedroom and bathroom glass, carnival, elegant, kitchen, milk, vintage and other on-line price guides.
  • Discover the varied styles and materials used in period furniture that are in high demand by interior designers, homeowners, and commercial institutions.
  • Value-It-Yourself Tips and Resources. You donít have to be an expert on antiques and collectibles to value the items that you own or those of families you know have on hand. What a great resource to be able to communicate to antique dealers and auctioneers. With the techniques from this class you will have resources to learn to "value-it-yourself" on your own.
  • Come antiquing with us. This course is not VSAC elegible.
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Basic Welding
  • Your objective is to learn new skills to pursue careers offering jobs in the welding industry. The skills you will learn can be applied to build horse driving carts and carriages, miniature pull carts, equine ornamentals, saddle carousels "swizzles", hay wagons and ornamental horse portraits using a plasma cam machine.
  • Introductory methods will be shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, GTAW/SMAW Pipe, Flux Cored Arc Welding, Combination Structural & Piping and Structural Welding.
  • You will learn the necessary skills to be able to weld in all positions, (flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead). You will learn the tig, mig, and stak machines and processes used in welding. You will use shield ARC, E-6010-E-7018 gas metal ARC (MIG) and flux cored ARC gas (FLC).
  • Upon completing the course, we hope you will enter the full time apprenticeship program at the Institute of Welding in Williston that will enable you to pursue you own welding company, or design and build your own products, or become a proficient as a non-destructive testing inspector. Other local potential employers are Hazelett, DMS, Pre-Tech or your own small business.
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Window Installation Course
Course outline:
  • A hands-on job-training course to learn the practical skills of insulation and installation of windows. Older homes in Vermont can be poorly insulated and we feel that there is a huge demand within the State for weatherization programs to has qualified individuals and needy families in Vermont, especially with rising fuel costs.
  • Learn skills that enable you to offer your services or to find local employment by working with households, both rental and owners, that need doors Ė windows, side-walls, attics, and basements properly insulated.
  • The job opportunities are endless. We help you with your efforts in finding the right work. The market for a good paying and rewarding job is in your backyard
The goal of the Window Installation Course is to enable you to find a good paying job and/or to start up a small business. This is a hands-on course. The tools and local projects are your classroom. There are no writing, reading, or math pre-requirements. Full accommodations are given for any special need in thse areas.
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Vermont Landscape, Garden & Harvest Connections
In this course you will Ė have the time of your life learning and creating a career in one of the above referenced specialties that has a tremendous demand for employment or small business start-up in Chittenden County and other parts of the State and nation. There are so many opportunities that await you as you develop your passion in this career.
You will learn new skills that offer explore jobs in the landscaping Ė gardening Ė harvesting career exploration and the organic food industry. Your teachers/mentors will include many talented instructors with hands-on classes offered at various locations throughout Chittenden County. Amongst the "invited" instructors include Bernard Trainor, our featured instructor from Pacific Grove, California featured in the national magazine "Garden Design"; Mr. Danny Peat, Farmers Home Administration and a representative from the Natural Resources Conservation Services; Mr. Chris Conant, Owner of Claussenís Greenhouses; Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor, University of Vermont; Mr. Roger Albee, Secretary, Vermont Department of Agriculture; Mr. Sam Mazza & Ms. Melissa Mazza, Sam Mazza Farm Market; Chef Robert Barrel, Vermont Fresh Network; Mr. James Bove, Chapin Orchard; Mr. Paul Palmer, Sugar Works; Mr. Charlie Nardozzi, Edible Landscape; Mr. Kirk Force, Sugarsnap; Ms. Anne Whiteman; Gardeners Supply Company; Ms. Kristin Thomas, Theme Gardening Consultant; and Ms. Diane Fuchs, Consultant to Whatís Eating Your Garden.
  • Classes will be held in the summer of 2009 at various locations in Chittenden County. Included sites are the new Gardenerís Retail location in Williston (formerly Four Seasons - next to Wal-Mart), Claussenís Greenhouses in Colchester, Sam Mazzaís Farmstand and Farm, Gardenerís Supply at Intervale Gardens, and The Farmhouse Center in Colchester
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be proficient to apply to enter a full time apprenticeship program.
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Small Business Accounting & Management
Many people have dreams of starting their own business. However, they lack the necessary, and very basic, business skills to start a business and be successful. This course is designed to provide basic business planning, accounting, and legal skills.
Joan Rogers-Powell will be the student coach for students who currently has a small non-profit business or to assist those who are interested in starting a small business, i.e. day care facility, contracting, etc.
Students will have access to several computer programs as Quick Books, Excel, Microsoft and the Internet for business resources.
Each student will be on an Individual Business Plan (IBP) and coached in developing their individual business interest.
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