The Farmhouse Center
Career Exploration
The Program: As stated so succinctly by the Department of Labor Commissioner, Pat Moulton Powden, on January 31, 2008, to the Senate regarding the workforce development topic and the employment opportunities for our graduating seniors, "one size doesn’t fit all".
The Farmhouse Center’s Career Exploration & Intern Placement (CEIP) program is unique! It involves an Individual Vocational Portfolio (IVP), designed by the students with the assistance of parents, to be implemented by the students and parents in conjunction with their local middle and/or high school guidance personnel and special educator. The design of the CEIP program is based on today’s reality that educators, as indicated in the local press regarding education and Act 84, are under an intense amount of pressure to meet the needs of all students with limited resources and staff. Unfortunately, the needs of those students that are at-risk, in the Act 176 process, on IEP’s, Section 504, or at The Brattleboro Retreat unfortunately go unmet due to a lack of resources. Those who need the most, get the least and the rest ends up in our correctional institutional department.
The Individual Vocational Portfolio (IVP) process opens the door for parents to become the critical team member and be involved in working with the school or alternative educational program setting to ensure their child is obtaining the academic skills that will better enable them to reach those desired technical/vocational career for their future. Our CEIP Program involves the student, the parent, the school, volunteers/mentors, and of course the business community. The business community needs to be a solid stakeholder in this process. Our biggest link is local Chamber of Commerce, agriculture and forestry arms of personal business owners.
Under Job/Vocational Training & Apprentice Programs on this web page, will can visit the courses that are offered to underemployed or unemployed adults at The Farmhouse Center. Unfortunately, many of these students are dropouts, have been incarcerated, or simply do not have basic – reading – math – vocational/technical - life skills to be a solid employee. Not only will be expose our students to over 17 different industrial classifications, they will also be exposed to the one solid reality that a previous criminal offender can be sure of for the future. No degree on any resume or job application is going to get them a job with a criminal record. Our Probation and Parole Office can "luck out" through individual dedication and ge a ver few jobs. We will be going on field trips to the Woodside Correctional Facility and the Chittenden Correctional Facility. The computer spits the application out immediately due to a criminal record.
The students will be linked with career planning by designing and developing their Individual Vocational Port-folio. Individually, each student will explore with Joan Rogers Powell, MSEd. their dreams and what they think they want to be when they graduate and enter adulthood. What are likes are, dislikes, wants, desires, how they learn best, and what they do the best. They will also conduct The Harrington-O’Shea CDM, Career Decision – Making System Revised. Obviously to access there interests, information, values and abilities.
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