The Community Fund for America dba The Farmhouse Center, School and Stables, & The Farmhouse School, is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Farmhouse Center & Stables are situated on 90 acres of beautiful rolling hills and meadows in Colchester, Vermont. The Farmhouse Center offers Summer Day Camps with 1 to 10 week sessions as well as Adult education and job/training vocational programs, Saturday Horsemanship Training and Riding Classes, and Camping Retreats (available in the summer of 2009). We are in the process of building an indoor driving & riding facility will be opening in the spring of 2010. Reservations are now being accepted for boarding & training. We will be the PREMIERE DRIVING ACADEMY IN THE NORTHEAST!!!!

At this site you will find grant training programs for unemployed, underemployed, interested adults, kids graduating from high school, anyone interested in some of the cool courses we offer. Applications for grants are available through The Farmhouse Center.

This Year one of the small business that our “students” in the job training program have developed are manufacturing horse carts, a saddle swizzle rack, packaging and distributing maple syrup products, quilts-blankets-pillow cases (made with specialty order equine fabrics), and equine metallic art pieces. Visit our retail web page.

The Farmhouse Center’s stables are home to approximately 16 horses, six of which were adopted through the Premarin PMU (Pregnant Mare’s Urine) Rescue. All the horses are employed in providing therapy and experiential learning to the students. We have two miniature horses for al toddler program for the ages of 3- 6. The Camp is offered all summer, and during school breaks. Scholarships are available.
Horses have a natural healing power that has been proven effective in physical, mental, and emotional therapy. The staff at the Farmhouse Center often sees marked changes in a people just from them spending some simple, quiet time alone with a horse. The horses continually provide ample opportunity for students to learn multiple levels of communication through touch, body language, and vocal tone all in a safe environment.

Deb Harris, a parent of one of the campers, made the comment, “when I drive my daughter to camp she transitions to the young girl I knew. Becoming a teenager with two younger sisters has been emotionally challenging for her. The Farmhouse Center’s environment has given my daughter such happiness and tranquility. There is something very special about The Farmhouse Center. I am amazed at the growth and personal gains she has made in one summer. I am definitely taking the adult equine course for our family’s benefit and to work with other children in the community”.